Season 2017/18 – Part Two

Having survived their encounter with the Wreckers, I decided to play the original Judge Dredd RPG, called ‘Judgement Day‘.

The story begins… The dying body of Judge Pentecost is found close to The Maze; an abandoned retail complex, now inhabited by a shy and very nervous population of Mutants.

Without giving away too many spoilers, for what is a very challenging and wide-reaching scenario, the group went from the wild streets of Mega City One to the desolation of the maximum security penal colony of Titan, and on to the personal guard of Chief Judge McGruder, herself and a threat against the whole populace (400 million people!!) of the city.

Notable Moments:

> the valley on Titan and the floating cylinder.

(the team in the valley, on Titan (right) and their encampment (left))

> Judge Kart taking on a crazed hotel chef and getting a chopping knife in the guts, for his trouble.

> Judge Goldfinch trying to fix an electrified cordon, only for it to explode.

> Judge Lance crossing verbal swords with the very steely SJS Judge Stark.

> rather than run away from a T-Rex, Goldfinch decides a better strategy is to hug its rather muscular leg.

> not wanting to leave a scenario without firing a high explosive round, Judge Crane fires one off inside a cinema auditorium.


Ultimate disaster was eventually averted, after the group solved the various mysteries, following the clues to the final showdown and saving not just the Chief Judge and her Brit-Cit counterpart, but also the entirety of Mega City One.


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