Season 2017/18 – Part Four

A month or so passed. ‘The Haunting’ had left its mark on the group and one of their new friends at Boston University suggested a sailing trip might be a way to get over their horrific experiences. Especially Max, who was still struggling physically and mentally.

So, the ‘Delilah‘; a pleasure boat, was offered and the group set sail for a few days of Atlantic bliss.

(the modern era ‘Delilah’. The 1920s version was more of a ‘clipper’)

It didn’t last long.

Arbuthnott; the Delilah’s first-mate, spotted a large ship, some way off the port-bow. Radio contact was attempted, but no answer was received. Due to the unwritten rules of the sea, Captain Watkins steers the Delilah towards what quickly becomes a cargo ship, by the name ‘Groenland Tropisch‘.

And so begins ‘The Derelict‘, another challenging ‘Cthulhu’ scenario that isolates the investigators in an ‘Alien‘-type situation, where the question is asked, who is hunting who?

Notable Moments:

> when Laurence and Max stumble upon the creature, as it sleeps in one of the ship’s cargo holds.

> with his first-mate dead and no hope of help, Captain Watkins takes his own life, just before the Delilah is lost to the depths of the north Atlantic.

> as Laurence works feverishly in the radio room, to create a home-made grenade laced with shards of silver, Izuku and Charles guard him and the bridge, as the creature climbs up the super-structure, before trying the exterior door handle…

> a second team member was lost, as the genius that was Max was killed by the creature, with a bolt from its weapon. A combination of bad luck and bad dice rolls, but genuinely a sad moment.

> Charles’ camera put in its first appearance and, at times, he seemed more bothered about capturing some nice shots than avoiding the creature’s.


Following a battle, the creature was killed. Radio contact was made with the Boston Coast Guard and a rescue ship sent. Max’s body was recovered, as was that of the creature, but an inquest would mean that neither would be released, for some time. Oddly, the creature’s body then disappears…

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