Season 2017/18 – Part Three

After their exertions on the streets of MC-1, it came time to take the group out of their comfort zone and change gears. So, to the world of the ‘Cthulhu Mythos‘.

Fortunately, most of the group had heard the name (through a combination of computer games and personal research) even if they didn’t know exactly what it was.

For the uninitiated, ‘Cthulhu’ is based on the horror writings of the highly-regarded H.P. Lovecraft. To many, he is considered the godfather of the modern horror genre.

The group were very keen to experience ‘Cthulhu’, so we set about character creation, which was more in-depth than for ‘Judge Dredd’. I also asked the chaps to come up with a written background for their chosen character and choose a picture to illustrate their appearance.

(examples of the pictures used) 

Once this initial stage was complete, we began ‘The Haunting‘; an introductory scenario from the ‘Call of Cthulhu – 7th Edition – Keeper’s Handbook‘. It may be only a brief introduction, but this is still a challenge, for anybody new to ‘Cthulhu’.

The story revolves around the ‘Corbitt House’; a residence on the outskirts of Boston, which has a checkered history, thanks to various mysterious happenings that have occurred there.

(a strange symbol that appears during the scenario)

Without giving away too many spoilers, before finishing this scenario, the group of investigators had to face a malevolent spirit, whose only goal was the death of the living.

As the Keeper, I also added in one or two extras, to both extend the story and give the group a thorough experience, for their first game.

(inside the Corbitt House, where the team divided, to tackle the various problems)

Notable Moments:

> Izuku used a sigil (an occult marking) to conjure a dimensional portal, unwittingly attracting two creatures through into the corporeal plane. This caused some…issues.

> Max (a physicist) created an electro-magnetic device, in order to disrupt the energies around the house. Quite successful it was, too.

> a dagger, with an ornate, ivory handle also caused some trouble. Especially, when it decided to levitate of its own accord and fly around the room.

> a Mi-go came through Izuku’s sigil, but its short reign of terror was ended by a superb pistol shot, from Laurence.

(the aforementioned Mi-go)

> the first examination of the sigil brought the group into contact with a Dimensional Shambler and my, didn’t he cause them a fright.

> Sadly, we lost a character; Douglas, having gone into the basement to save Izuku. But, it was a spectacular, burning death, at the hands (literally!) of the evil spirit.


The spirit was finally defeated, after an exhaustive struggle. Most of the investigators sustained injuries; notably, the flying knife ended up in Max’s back and only a successful first aid roll saved him. And yes, Douglas was killed. Still, their mission was considered complete and each member received the appropriate payment from their employer; one, Mr. Knott.



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