Season 2017/18 – Part One

For our inaugural game, I chose something relatively easy, but still enough of a challenge to be engaging.

Thus, Game Numero Uno was ‘Judge Dredd‘ – “Firefight“; an introductory scenario from the Game Master’s Book.

Of course, I had no expectation the group had actually heard of the Judge Dredd character, so we underwent a brief “greeting” period to the world of Mega City One (we watched clips from the two movies; ‘Judge Dredd’ (1995) and ‘Dredd’ (2012 )) leading to an information-based session on the history, expectations and role of the Judges (which led to a oral test, just to check the group were up-to-speed and engaged).








So, to “Firefight”. The basic premise was – Justice Department ‘Rookies’ are conducting a mobile patrol. They are passed by a speeding motorist, who they follow into the ‘Buddy Rich Tunnel’. During a brief chase, Weather Control reports a malfunction, which causes a thick bank of fog to descend on the highway. The speeding vehicle promptly enters the tunnel and crashes. Taking advantage of the situation, a large group of ‘Wreckers‘ attack, therefore leading the Judges into a scenario where they must protect any innocent citizens and apprehend the “perps“.

(a photo from Episode 3 of “Firefight”)

This scenario was meant as a chance for the group to cut their teeth, as Judges and to add some body to their characters. So, Judges Crane, Goldfinch, Kart, Kasper, Lance and Peterson took their skills onto the streets of Mega City One, for the first time.

Notable Moments:

> initial dice rolls were required as the team drove their Lawmasters into the tunnel, where the road surface had become slick, because of the fog. Not all were successful and at least two of the Judges’ bikes were lost to skids.

> Judge Kasper (a player who left the group, so became a NPC (Non-Playing Character) controlled by the others) got shot in the leg and was subsequently set upon by two Wreckers. However, he was saved by Goldfinch, with a couple of well-aimed volleys of rapid-fire from his Lawgiver.

> being the youngest member of the team, Judge Kart discovered the joy of a well-placed high-explosive round, when he blew up an empty car and the two perps who were hiding behind it.


Apart from one or two scrapes, to both body and bike, most of the group came away in one piece. Except, Judge Kasper who would require a significant amount of medical care, before returning to the streets.

All gained experience points, which were used to upgrade skills, hence leaving the Judges in a better state, in preparation for the next mission.

Of the 14 Wreckers who attacked the highway, three surrendered, seven were killed and the remainder were sentenced to significant stretches in the Iso-cubes.

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